Discord: 90 million PC gamers can’t be wrong

Gay Geeks will be hosting a couple of gaming events, giveaways as well as Server Video team calls so server users are able to get to find out the moderation staff better.

Founded in 2017, Spectrum is actually the official partnered discord bot server of r/LGBT and it is a queer just server targeted at supplying a community for queer individuals to meet others just like them, in addition to a spot for younger, questioning owners to find out the own identities of theirs.

“In 2017 I watched police shoot and wipe out a buddy of mine, that additionally happened to be the one other non binary individual I would actually met at that point.” August Grey, proprietor of the Spectrum server, was a novice to the Atlanta area at the moment. In an instant, among the couple of individuals they might connect with in the planet was gone.

I chose to go online and make Spectrum, both as a Discord for r/LGBT and as a room for me to look for the very own neighborhood of mine and put for the globe. 3 years down the line, I have found rather an incredible one. We have had users get married, have children, satisfy the best friends of theirs, and just really become exactly who these were intended to remain in Spectrum.

During Pride month, Spectrum will probably be featuring various queer identities and giving info about them, together with devoted channels to share the experiences of theirs. Spectrum will additionally be operating a “Inktober style” art competition with various themes every day and invites users to get creative.

Gaymers is actually among the longest running LGBTQ+ servers on Discord, starting again all of the way in December 2015. ThomasShaped explains, “It started as a gaming community but has developed into a lot more than that, giving a secure and exciting spot for LGBTQ+ individuals of all ages to hang out and chat.”

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